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Softball Olympic Games 2021 - Official Payoff

Japan’s Olympic softball squad opens two-week camp in Takasaki City

Japan’s Olympic softball squad opens two-week camp in Takasaki City
The defending (2008) Olympic Softball champions have opened up their latest camp on the road to the Tokyo Games.

The 15-player Japanese Olympic Softball Team has opened a two-week training camp in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, which will last until 31 May. With softball back on the Olympic programme, the host team is hoping for a repeat of the Beijing 2008 Games, where Japan topped USA in the gold medal finale.

Yukiko Ueno, the veteran Japanese ace who is coming off an injury, threw a bullpen session on Tuesday. "It feels like it's finally starting. I've made a start towards the Olympics in a tense atmosphere. I want to do what I need to do and live without regrets," said Ueno in a virtual press conference.

Director Reika Utsugi discussed Softball Japan's Olympic preparations: "I would like to devise a strategy while exploring the weaknesses of each player at this training camp, how to get one run with close contests expected."

Utsugi also mentioned her concerns about Japan not being able to travel abroad to face international competition in the final weeks of the national team's preparations. According to Utsugi, she will try to prep her squad with a series of contests next month against a team composed of top young prospects from the Japanese Softball League.

Utsugi revealed the Japanese Olympic Softball Roster back in March.

The roster includes three pitchers, three catchers, five infielders and four outfielders.